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Mac & Field works with its clients to understand ecological opportunities, but also to identify where project constraints may lie. Our expert, dynamic team is specialized and committed towards performing ecological assessments, creating (ecological) management plans, advising on the incorporation of nature inclusive measures, and enhancing your company's sustainability. 

​If you are interested in continued and flexibly deployable support at hand, contact us for the subscription consultancy service that we offer. 

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Mac & Field is able to perform various ecological studies such as:

  • Terrestrial or marine baseline studies

  • Ecological quickscans

  • Quickscan follow up research if e.g. species specific data is required

  • Invasive species management plans


Our ecological studies can be implemented for policy preperations and/or environmental impact assessments (EIA).




Mac & Field is commited towards creating more liveable, biodiverse and sustainable cities and towns, that are future proof. An efficient and sustainable way of creating healthy and attractive environments to live and work in, is by building with nature. It has the added benefit of:

  • Increasing local biodiversity

  • Ensures less heat radiation in built-up areas

  • Creates climate change adaptive cities and towns


We only work with native and locally sourced plant species, as these are most likely to thrive and provide ecological services to native fauna. We can design nature inclusive measures to suit any kind of project. 



Mac & Field is your consultancy partner for drafting ecological policy and nature park management plans. 


Furthermore, Mac & Field can together with clients:

  • Improve their environmental strategy

  • Create roadmaps towards, e.g., sustainability

  • Ensure successful project implementation



With our consultancy subscription:

  • You no longer need to permanently increase the size of your team or get budget approvals for large lump–sum projects

  • Unlike traditional staff augmentation or contractor arrangements, you won’t be limited to a single skillset

  • We ensure you improve your image and become a market leader in sustainable business which complies with corporate social responsibility (CSR)


Subscriptions are tailored to the client needs.

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