Client:          St. Eustatius National Parks
Location:     St. Eustatius
Start:            September 2018
Status:         Ongoing
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Based on the proposals submitted by St. Eustatius National Parks (STENAPA) and Mac & Field, the central government (Ministry of Internal Affairs) granted a hurricane relief fund to the Dutch Caribbean special municipality to restore the damage brought to the environment by hurricane Irma and Maria in September 2017. 
STENAPA prioritized the reforestation activities of the island. The main goal is to bring back trees in public spaces and peoples yards. In collaboration with the local governmental department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries on St. Eustatius (Landbouw Veeteelt en Visserij (LVV)), a plan has been drafted to establish two plant nurseries or greenhouses specifically for the reforestation projects.
STENAPA has approached us to oversee the execution of this project.
  • Build and maintain two nurseries on LVV property.
  • Cultivation of native trees sourced from local suppliers.
  • Install fencing to protect trees from roaming animals.
  • Planting and care of native trees.
  • Community involvement and education.
In progress...
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