Mac & Field is a full-service environmental consultancy. Our expert, dynamic team and partners are specialized and committed to projects concerning the natural environment, people, and sustainability. We use action-based, scientific research to guide decision-making processes. Our philosophy is that the natural and social environment is the same, and, therefore, we approach all projects holistically. We are also dedicated to implementing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into all Mac & Field projects. 


​To get you where you need to go, we work on three core domains depending on your need within a project: Strategy, Roadmaps, and Implementation. 


Together with our clients, we improve their environmental strategy, create roadmaps towards, e.g., sustainability, and ensure successful project implementation. Click on the icons below to discover more about these services.


​If you are interested in continued and flexibly deployable support at hand for very competitive prices, check out the subscription consultancy service we offer with our sustainability partner, Valery Bosch!

Identifying your needs

We analyze the context first with our client to determine key bottlenecks that a (potential) project may be facing. Based on these analyses, we design a customized plan to realize a harmonious and sustainable environment that benefits the client and the world around them. 

Mac and Field can, for example, support your company with funding acquisition, Research, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Designing and consulting on Nature-Based Solutions. 

Reaching your goals
Once a strategy or plan is in place, a clear roadmap is required to make sure all parties know how to get from A to Z. Based on your ambitions and strategy, we design a customized plan to realize your goal(s) in a harmonious and sustainable environment that benefits everyone and everything. We identify ecological and social bottlenecks beforehand and come with creative and practical solutions.
Getting it done
​You know what you want and even know how to get there. Now all that is left is to do the work. Of course, that is easier said than done, especially if you lack time, expertise, or other resources. This is where we can help you out too. In close collaboration with our clients and all relevant parties, we make sure projects and plans are executed successfully.

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